Booster Club Board Members


Co-Presidents – Melissa Lucas & Maurice Lucas

Co-Vice Presidents – Brett Bertram & Sara Bertram

Co-Treasurers – Paige Rohman & OPEN (in-training)

Co-Secretaries – Janelle Harris & Nichole Olson

Advisor – Virg Senescall (Bloomington Hall of Fame Inductee)

At Large - OPEN

The success of the Booster Club lies within the transition of information related to running the operations of the swim season from year to year.  It is important that we have parents of younger swimmers take on board positions or individual tasks year-by-year.  If at all possible, we want to retire each Booster Club Board member at the end of their swimmer's Junior year, so they are not holding that position as a senior parent.  This way, they are able to enjoy their senior season and only be advisers to the board and Booster Club.

If you're interested in learning more about the Boys Swim & Dive Booster Club Board or how you can get involved, please contact or